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Izzy vs Jess

In Rocking Horse's feature film debut, produced in a mere 8 weeks, Jess Andrews, a promising athlete with autism, was destined to be the star of a Shropshire feature film that never got finished… But the world has moved on and now an ordinary care home receptionist called Izzy Orchard has taken her place as the face of a brand-new drama series. This Comic Relief, two worlds collide as old encounters new and the Autistic Athlete with unfinished business returns to face ordinary, average, Izzy. Will they be able to put their differences aside to see not just each other's worth… but their own? This is Izzy Vs. Jess.

Simon Fisher-Becker: Bigger On The Inside

Rocking Horse Media are teaming up with Doctor Who & Harry Potter star Simon Fisher-Becker to produce this documentary exploring the themes of disability and the treatment of disabled people both within and outside of the film and television industries. 

Join Simon as he shares his own experiences with visible and invisible disabilities as well as catching up with old friends and film & TV icons including Ian McNiece (Doc Martin), Anna Karen (On The Buses) and many others for this entertaining yet informative look at the world through the eyes of someone who experiences the trials and tribulations of disability every day!


Rocking Horse Media (Reduced To Clear, Simon Fisher-Becker: Bigger on the Inside) are producing the pilot for a brand new series, "Karen", set in a care home.

Karen is a no-nonsense maverick who runs a beloved but eccentric independent care home her way when the sterile bureaucracy of the 21st century threatens to finally catch up with her and the place her, her staff and it's residents truly do consider home. Over the course of the series, we get to know Karen; her co-workers Izzy & Aled and several of the residents in this heart-warming show that celebrates the mundane.

Show-ran by Rocking Horse Media's founder Gareth Owain David Thomas (Reduced To Clear) and associate produced by award nominated producer Luke Allen (Reduced To Clear, Unstable), this series is set to star a plethora of fantastic actors from familiar TV faces to first-time performers and is guaranteed to be a fantastic opportunity for the UK indie film scene!

Reduced To Clear

Produced in partnership with Mr Middle Films and written and directed by Luke Allen & Alex Yousefi, Reduced To Clear is a surreal comedy short film starring Edward Tidy as Mike, a charity shop volunteer, during what is set to be the toughest shift of his life! The film features appearances from the likes of Simon Fisher-Becker (Doctor Who), Alex Macqueen (The Inbetweeners) and Ewen Macintosh (The Office) and many others and has been described by Love Actually producer Emma Freud as "The comic weirdness of The League of Gentlemen set in an Oxfam shop!". The trailer can be viewed here!