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Horses & Biscuits podcast

In conjunction with our friends at The Shrewsbury Biscuit podcast

Horses & Biscuits is a 2 weekly podcast broadcast live, as they follow Rocking Horse Media on our journey to make our care home drama series "Karen"

Horses & Biscuits: Episode 1 - Meet Izzy

In the first episode of our coverage of Rocking Horse Media's production "Karen" we meet Rocking Horse boss Gareth Thomas, Steph Jerrard who is playing "Karen" and promising young actress Orla Jones who will be playing "Izzy".

Karen is a pilot for a TV show that Rocking Horse are making and we are covering the production from the auditions, right up to the release. This episode is a great start to proceedings as we learn about what "Karen" really is and what goes in to making something like this happen.

Orla had to audition for the role of "Izzy" against many very talented potentials. We discuss how the process was for her.

This is a fortnightly limited spin-off podcast. We will be going live every 2 weeks on a Sunday and then releasing the audio only podcast on the following Wednesday.


Horses and Biscuits: Episode 2 - Meet Aled

Episode 2 of Horses and Biscuits brings you reactions from the auditions that were held on the previous weekend to try and find the right actor for the role of Aled for the production of "Karen"

We catch up with Gareth Thomas, Rocking Horse Media boss and Orla Jones aka "Izzy"

We give you a brief run down of all of the participants of the auditions, building up to the reveal of who will be playing Aled.

Not going to spoil it for you here, you will have to listen to the episode to find out who got the role.

Horses and Biscuits is a fortnightly run, limited run of episodes where we will be following the production of "Karen" which is a TV pilot being put together by Rocking Horse Media. We will be there throughout the whole process, giving you all kinds of cool behind the scenes access. But if you would like to know more visit

Horses & Biscuits: Episode 3 Pre-Wesley Auditions

Coming to you from Open Space, Oswestry we bring you episode 3 of Horses & Biscuits, the companion podcast for the production of "Karen" a TV pilot being brought to life by the Rocking Horse Media crew.

Before we get the auditions for "Wesley" underway we bring you a podcast recorded in front of the 20 something cast and crew in the room. In 30 minutes we bring you 9 guests. The topic of the day? Villains.

How does an actor get cast as a villain and what does a director look for in an the actor? - For that, we ask the crew that work behind the camera.

How does an actor transform into a bad guy? - We ask the 3 actors that auditioned for "Aled" Where do they go to, to gain villain status? What are the inspirations and what does it feel like to be bad?

What does a co-star look for when working alongside an actor who can truly become an a**? - AL speaks to Orla, Steph and Dean about what they expect to see in the villain for "Karen?"

Things are developing into something special during the "Karen" production. The cast, crew and friends of the project are growing and the momentum really is infectious. With every podcast we create as time goes by, we see something new and exciting, it'd be hard to not get enthralled with "Karen"