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Sport Relief 2022 Announcement


Well... how do you put this one into words? In March next year, and in aid of the very cause that created us, we will be bringing to you what - in any other setting - would be impossible.


Izzy vs. Jess

Two worlds are about to collide.

We Have Found Aled


We have found our ALED for our Carehome Drama Pilot at Open Space Studios CIC but we found so much more besides!
What a standard we have seen. All of you Aleds did yourselves proud, you matched the Izzy campaign, pound for pound.
But here is a shot which sums up perfectly the difficult decision we have just had to make.
The main thing, though, on a day which gave us so much, what really matters is simply this:
Izzy has found her Aled.

The announcement video will follow soon

Aled Audition Promo: Izzy in Open Space

Rocking Horse on BBC Radio Shropshire


Rocking Horse was back on BBC Radio Shropshire on Wednesday 20th October. Our newest talent, Orla Jones, whose had a whirlwind couples of weeks as it is will be interviewed LIVE for the second time in a week, alongside her writer/Director, Gareth Thomas as we build toward this weekend’s Aled Audition campaign at Open Space Studios CIC. So if you’re male and look between 20 and 28, and thinking of auditioning then listen above. They where discussing the crazy couple of weeks Orla has experienced since she was cast as Izzy and the audition process that lead her to this point.